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Strengthening integrity and diversity


Strengthening integrity and diversity

Yearly report 2021

Sibelga strives to preserve the relationship of trust within the company and with its partners.

Sibelga adopts an ethical charter

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and its commitment to the well-being of its employees, Sibelga formalized in 2021 an ethics charter for its staff.

The purpose of this document is to set out an explicit frame of reference that all Sibelga staff members undertake to respect. The ethics charter recalls in particular the main principles to be followed in order to maintain a welcoming working environment for all: non-discrimination, respect, integrity, etc. With this in mind, the establishment of a clear procedure for signaling and reporting any behavior “unethical” reinforces existing internal control mechanisms.

“In practice, the principles of the Code of Ethics have already been applied at Sibelga for a long time. They flow from common sense. Formalizing them on paper makes it possible to underline the importance that Sibelga attaches to them and to have a clear compass to assess whether a behavior poses a problem”, explained Inne Mertens, CEO of Sibelga, during a presentation of the charter internally.

This ethical charter is also important vis-à-vis the outside world. Sibelga is a company with 100% public shareholding, enjoying a monopoly for its activities and occupying a central role in the energy market. For all these reasons, its customers and stakeholders are entitled to expect neutrality, independence and professionalism from each Sibelga employee.

A top employer

At the beginning of 2021, Sibelga obtained the title of Top Employer for the 11th consecutive year. At the time of writing, the label has been awarded for the 12th time, with a score of 76.37% based on actions taken in 2021.

“This label is awarded by an independent organization on the basis of a questionnaire that we complete each year. It assesses the different aspects of our human resources policy,” explains Mieke Neyrinck, HR manager Talent Acquisition and Development.

For its performances in 2021, Sibelga obtained the same score as the previous year. “We have room for improvement, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusion, engagement and career management”, notes Mieke Neyrin.