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Yearly report 2021


Serving Brussels
better than ever

2021 was yet another eventful year for Sibelga, with the energy transition, the pandemic, as well as a host of new projects. Sibelga and its teams took on all these formidable challenges to turn them into exciting opportunities.

The actions undertaken in 2021 by Sibelga and its partners inspire three observations:

The decarbonisation of Brussels is underway and Sibelga, as a facilitator, is accompanying and supporting the public authorities in their efforts to achieve the objectives set by the Region. Secondly, the digitalisation and the integration of smart technologies in the management of the network are continuing. They will make it possible to meet the (green) energy needs of all Brussels customers and to push forward with the energy transition. Finally, the fight against fuel poverty remains a major concern in Brussels. As a social supplier, Sibelga plays a leading role in ensuring access to energy for all.

Before we let you in on the concrete action Sibelga has taken on these points in 2021, we would like to thank Raphaël Lefere, who took on the role of Acting Chief Executive Office with gusto. We would also like to congratulate all Sibelga staff members for their contribution to the achievements described in this new annual report.

In conclusion, as the saying goes: “Alone we go faster, but together we go further.” Sibelga works closely with the other energy market players, from the regulator to the public authorities, firms and the academic world. It is thanks to these synergies that we will continue in the months and years to come to make an inclusive energy transition in Brussels a reality…