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Sharing knowledge


Sharing knowledge

Sibelga attaches great importance to knowledge sharing and training: whether for its staff, subcontractors or schools.

Training: more and more digital

Following the periods of confinement, the way of organizing training at Sibelga has gradually changed. Thus, blended learning, which combines digital learning phases and classroom modules, is gradually gaining in importance.

In addition, the Learn4U digital platform allows all Sibelga staff members to access a range of online training courses. Among the new training courses offered in 2021, one was devoted to handling and advice on protecting your back.

In 2021, Sibelga staff members completed an average of 43.65 hours of training per full-time equivalent. “The health crisis and the constraint of remote work have complicated the organization of certain training courses, in particular technical training courses. Despite everything, we have almost reached our goal of 45 hours per full-time equivalent,” rejoices Mieke Neyrinck, HR manager Talent Acquisition and Development.

With regard to technical training, 1,796 man-day equivalents were provided to Sibelga technicians in 2021. This is more than in 2020 (1,277 man-days) and than in 2019 (1,683 man-days).

New recognition for the Sibelga Academy

The Sibelga Academy is Sibelga’s technical training center. Not only Sibelga technicians are trained there, but also subcontractors and other external companies.

Since May 2021, the Sibelga Academy has been officially recognized as a training center for PE welding (polyethylene welding) by Synergrid. Welders required to work on gas distribution networks can therefore obtain their welding passport and their annual re-qualification at the Sibelga Academy.

“We differ from traditional centers because the welders are placed in an environment similar to the conditions they encounter in the field”, emphasizes Laurent Laduron, Quality Management Manager at the Sibelga Technology Center.

In 2021, 7 people took the initial 2-day training and obtained the PE welder pass. In addition, 19 Sibelga technicians successfully passed their annual requalification.

Tech4Students: students in training alongside Sibelga technicians

Since the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Sibelga has offered technical schools in Brussels a new opportunity: to train their students in the gas and electricity professions alongside Sibelga technicians and subcontractors.

Thus, since October 2021, 7 students from the technical streams of the Don Bosco Institute and the Athénée Royal Victor Horta have been present once or twice a month at the Sibelga technical training center for immersion training. Their training, in gas or electricity, will end in May 2022.

For students, this experience is not only an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, but also to meet professional technicians. In addition, the training may eventually lead to employment with Sibelga.