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No compromise on personal safety


No compromise on personal safety

Yearly report 2021

Safety is still the top priority for Sibelga’s management. Accidents involving electricity and gas, in particular, are the subject of constant vigilance.

Every accident is one too many

This is Sibelga’s vision for accidents at work. Thus, despite a number of accidents falling for the fourth year running (11 accidents in 2021, compared with 12 in 2020) and a frequency rate below the set limit (6.90 in 2021 with a limit set at 7.50), there is no question of relaxing our vigilance!

Especially since 2021 was marked by a so-called “fluid” accident, i.e. involving gas or electricity. “Following a false maneuver, one of our colleagues was exposed to an electric arc from a high voltage cable. Fortunately, he escaped without serious injury. But this incident reminds us that we work with dangerous materials and that one second of inattention or failure to follow our work methods can be fatal”, says Dirk Vankerckhoven, Health, Safety & Environment Manager at Sibelga.