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A second year of COVID-19


A second year of COVID-19

Yearly report 2021

Faced with the constant evolution of the health crisis, Sibelga has maintained its vigilance and taken measures to continue to ensure its mission and to preserve the safety of all.

COVID-19 : constant vigilance

2021 was once again marked by the management of the COVID-19 health crisis. The priority? To ensure the safety of Sibelga’s customers, but also that of its teams.

“We pay constant attention to all our workers and, in particular, to Sibelga’s critical services: dispatching, which continuously supervises the operation of the gas, electricity and public lighting distribution networks, on-call technicians for urgent gas and electricity interventions, and logistics,” explains Dirk Vankerckhoven, Health, Safety & Environment Manager at Sibelga.

To facilitate tracing within the company, a form for reporting COVID-19 cases has been made available on the Sibelga intranet. Staff members can also report a COVID case at a subcontractor’s or, for technicians, request an appointment for a PCR test at a center with which Sibelga has concluded an agreement.

In 2021, flexibility was the order of the day to deal with the constantly changing health situation. “A dedicated committee was set up within the company to be able to take the appropriate decisions throughout the year and follow the recommendations of the authorities,” says Dirk Vankerckhoven.